Love, Babies and How the Former Can Sometimes Make the Latter

… and boys and girls, please, remember, birth control is YOUR FRIEND.

Thank you.

So anyway, I thought I would drop that in there since I was just reading my brother’s band’s website and these teens were discussing birth control on the message board. Apparently the band members (this, sadly, includes my darling brother), are well versed in birth control and we needn’t worry about them.

Thank God. Wait until I tell Mom….

Speaking of birth control in all of its glory–I went to Erin & John’s wedding on Saturday. Actually, I was in their wedding. I have to say, it was absolutely a fantastic wedding! Everyone loves their own wedding, but their wedding made me want to get married all over again. Or, at least, have another big party! woohoo!!! Aside from the other Maid of Honor (as a married hag, I was MATRON of Honor) blacking out at the altar (ladies, let’s keep those knees LOOSE!), the day went off with only one hitch: the bride and groom (cue cheesy laughter). See, they got hitched… hitch? hitched??! Ha!

Erin’s dress was beautiful–scoop neckline with beading on the bodice and a chapel length train. It was ivory and absolutely stunning! She had her hair up in a MASS of curls (if you know Erin, you know she has 5xs the average amount of hair on her head) with a beautiful crystal crown. I’d say tiara, but there was just so much sparkle, it was definitely a crown!

They had SO much food at their wedding, too! Oh my gosh–we just ate and ate and ate! They served appetizers, soup, salad, pasta, filet AND chicken, twice baked potato, vegetables, international coffee service, chocolate mousse, cake and a sweet table. HOLY COW–I have never eaten so much! 😀 Well, maybe I have, but this just tasted so good!!

At our wedding, our DJ forgot the music for our first dance. It was tragic because Frank and I worked hard to choreograph our first dance and then–woosh–no song! eeek. At Erin’s wedding, the DJ had our song and we danced our dance to it before the other guests arrived. It was very happy! 🙂

So this weekend I am going to run down to visit my sister in St. Louis for a couple of days. I can’t wait to see her!!! I LOVE HER!!! EH EH EH EH!

Okay, gotta be productive… must go get some lunch!!

Picture Perfect

We got our pictures back from the photographer and they are AWESOME!! YAY! I love them. We didn’t have time to do a lot of the pictures that we wanted, but what we got is incredible–rah!!

It’s amazing that I am now looking back on my wedding. It felt like the day would never come and then, woosh, there it went! It truly flies by.

How’s Married Life Treatin’ Ya??

That is the question of the ages. My response is a resounding, “Great!” But what does that “Great!” mean?

Only two months into it, and I can tell you that being married is the greatest thing. Frank and I have a fantastic time together, laughing and generally enjoying eachother’s company. And Frank is a fantastic husband! The other day I came home and he was vacuuming and running the washer and dryer. He makes the bed nearly every day. He eats the food I make him with little to no hesitation (brave man). He tells me that I’m cute in the morning, even if my mascara has run all over my face and my hair has developed new and interesting cowlicks.

It’s also one of the toughest things, too. There is life before marriage and life after marriage. The priorities I had before marriage are definitely different from the priorities since marriage. You realize that you are your own little family and you have your own little family problems and traditions and quirks. You realize that it’s not as easy as signing a marriage license and throwing a little party.

And this brings me back to the night Frank proposed. For a long time I have been trying to put into words the feelings that came over me that night. I felt incredible joy that we were going to take our relationship the next step. I felt delighted and giddy and excited and nervous and surprised and content. This is how things were meant to be.

But there was another feeling, a feeling of awe. It was as though I walked into an ancient church with bright, ornate stained glassed windows lining either side and pews, uniformly assembled, solemn contemplative rows in front of a lavish alter. And the ceiling is several stories overhead and old, tender light filters in from every perfect crack and crevice. But even more awesome than beauty of the old space is the overwhelming sense of history in the room. How many lives were announced, merged, celebrated and mourned here? What words could you possibly use to sum up the experience of standing in this church? And it’s such an experience that it must be experienced with another person, if not for the reason that when you walk out of the church and you lack words to describe it, you can look at that person and know that they understand.

After he proposed, Frank examined my ring on my finger for along time. Then he said to me that it was amazing to think of what that ring will have seen 50 years from now. It will see children, homes, pets, people coming, people going, grand children. Maybe even great grandchildren. Who knows? And maybe in 50 years the ring will be given to a grandson. And maybe he will ask a young woman to marry him. And who knows–maybe she will be filled with the same sense of awe and wonderment.

What a very great thing, indeed.


I am just too happy! 🙂 The wedding was amazing and everyone looked beautiful and the whole day went smoothly–I couldn’t be happier!

Frank and I had a fantastic time on our honeymoon and just love living together–it’s fantastic!!!!

More on our adventures as married people later 😉

Like the duck…

John N had a saying that I am pretty sure he stole from somewhere. The saying was: The key is to be like the duck, smooth and unruffled on top but paddling furiously underneath. That is what I am trying to be right now. My tummy is just bouncing off the wall, I am alternately excited, crabby, anxious, happy, sad, giddy… and on down the line!

Frank is absolutely, hands down, the most awesome guy in the world and I am soooo lucky! I cannot wait to marry him!

Only FOUR days to go… I can hardly stand it!!!

One week from now…

And Frank and I will be finishing up our wedding pictures!!! I cannot even believe it!

But first, I must make it until then.

I checked the weather for Friday yesterday on the 10 day and it was 77 degrees and mostly sunny. I checked today and it’s supposed to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy with a 20% chance of precipitation. I hope the weather holds, but if it doesn’t–eh! No big deal! BRING IT ON, BABY!!!


One week from tomorrow…

And I will be Mrs. Frank!! 🙂 I cannot even believe it!!!

Last night we met with the DJ and picked out the rest of the songs. We had dinner at Fridays. Tonight we meet with our pastor to go over the final details of the ceremony and discuss the rest of the results from our PREPARE inventory evaluation. Friday I am having my last “hurrah” so-to-speak with family and close friends. Saturday we finalize seating. Sunday I am going to move a TON of my stuff to Naperville. Monday is a dance lesson. Tuesday is my hair appointment. Wednesday is our last dance lesson and our final meeting with the reception hall. Thursday is the rehearsal. And Friday is the (gulp) WEDDING!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

I cannot wait. He is just the greatest!!!

8 days!!