Mercredi Gras!

That is French for “Fat Wednesday”–which happens to be what I am having. Let me tell you what I’ve eaten today. First, I had a bowl of honey nut cheeries, a piece of bread with peanut butter and jelly (not a lot of peanut butter, but a lot of jelly) and a glass of OJ. Then I couldn’t wait until lunch to have my sandwich, so I ate my PB&J at 10:30a.m. At 12:30 I ate some yogurt. Not too bad. Then at 2:30 I had one regular semisweet chocolate chip cookie from Mr.s fields and 3 small ones! (the itty bitty ones)… What makes this bad is that I am going out to dinner at 7 with some friends at California Pizza Kitchen–one of my most FAVORITE places! GRR!!! I’m just gonna wanna eat everything on the menu. I am going to have to practice some self control!

Other than that, the wedding stuff is going swimmingly. Mom and I are working on our final count. Crazy!!

23 days to go! I can’t wait!

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