things i didn't even know how to ask for

I was talking to my dear brother-in-law, Dave, tonight and I was telling him about my new job.  I was explaining to him that I never could have asked for this job specifically because I never would have thought a job like mine would exist.  How could I go to God and say, “this is what I want” when I didn’t know it existed?

I was snuggling with Frank tonight and it occurred to me, he is the husband I would never have been able to ask for. I never would have imagined a husband like him for me.  In so many ways, he is more perfect for me than I could have imagined!

And that gives me great hope.  If God has blessed me with a husband and a job that are better than what I could have conceived, in my heart I have a great hope that God would do the same for us with regards to having children.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

in case you were wondering…

I did go for my work out this morning.

In the middle of the work out, the fire alarm went off.

Not kidding.

So in my spandexy type capris pants and sweat soaked tee, I paraded myself outside, where I found – much to my horror and amazement – that there are actually quite a few people who work here in the morning.  Nice.

Then I went in to the locker room to take a shower.  I turned the dial all the way over to hot.  After several minutes was there warm steam rising out of my shower stall?  The answer to that question is: no.

Thinking it might warm up, I wet my hair and started to shiver.  I decided that I didn’t have any option except at least washing my hair.  It was horrific. 

I went to the other shower stall to see if there was warm water there – nothing. 

After toweling off and getting dressed, I thought I would enjoy the one warm thing I could enjoy: my hair dryer.

I plugged the hairdryer into the ONE and ONLY outlet in the locker room and… nothing.  Nada. Zip.

It was a GFI outlet, so I hit the “test” and “reset” buttons multiple times.


So with a wet head, I packed up my belongings and brought my hair dryer to the bathroom near my office where I was at least able to get my head mostly dry.

I am laughing about this because it’s all so ridiculous.  And really, I can’t complain too much about a free gym at work.  Sure, there are a few kinks that need to be straightened out, but if that’s the worst thing that happens today, then that’s not too bad!


Mary, Mary, Quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

… Not as big as we thought it might.  I went to the doctor.  Follicles are tiny.  Only 50% the size they need to be.  Going to go back Tuesday night for a follow-up study.  If they look better (which they should) then we can do the IUI on Wednesday.  If they need more time to bake, we’re targeting next Friday.  Get growing, follicles!


So, clearly I am still learning at my new job.  Here is how a meeting went today.

Boss, Director, Manager, Smart Legal Guy 1 (Burns) and Smart Legal Guy 2 (Smithers) + me go into a meeting.

Boss: We are all gathered here today to talk about the XYZ district on the DEU 12S23 parcel which is part of proposition 239LEG339-3-4-1-R4.
Me: ::nodding::
Burns: Very interesting.  Well,  I had a thought.  I was thinking that if we could extend the LIQ district while balancing out the CLAS parcel we could then see a positive cash flow on the differentials forwarded to escrow funded educational tax bracket bipartisan docket agenda platform.
Me: ::nodding::
Director: ::grunting:: I see what you’re saying… so you could possibly do the deal on the upside without the downside in the (and at this point, I can’t even make anything else up, so it sounded like, “blah blah blah”)
Me: ::furrowing eyebrows::
Manager: So this is pretty much amazing, is that what I’m hearing?
Burns: Yes, I am pretty much brilliant.
Boss: I agree.
Me: ::nodding enthusiastically! writing down various letters and abreviations – Must Google later!::
Smithers: Any questions?
Me: Nope!


I am over my sickness from the weekend, but have branched into a new and exciting sickness: a massive cold.
Oh yes.  That’s right.  Does it get any more fun??

first day

Well, I had my first day today.  It was peachy.  I’m really excited about the position and this afternoon did not disappoint!  I got to sit in on a very interesting meeting that was sort of a baptism-by-fire type situation and I LOVED it. Loved. It.

I realized sitting in the meeting that I felt like I had my life back.  I like the job.  I find it really interesting.  And I am 12 minutes from home in rush-hour traffic (I timed it).  And that is awesome to me.

Did I mention yet that I made myself dinner?  And it involved boiling water – not just pouring milk into a bowl of dry cereal.


I am sure that there will be stressful days and situations.  I am sure there will be late nights (guaranteed at least a few nights a monthwith some after-work hours meeting).  But man, it sure is nice to see this side of 6 pm from my patio and not my desk.

ok, feeling a little better…

a little.

I was going to go to the gym tonight, but decided to go for a run tomorrow morning, first thing.  I want to make morning running/work outs a habit.

So tomorrow is my first day at a new job.  I’m excited about it!  I don’t really know what to expect in the first week, other than lots of paperwork, new people, new processes, new information – well, new everything!  Once I get into it, I know things will fall into place.

It’s only 9:30, but I am already so tired.  I feel like I ran a marathon today!

Two miles in the morning.  here. we. go!

c'mon guys, i don't do drugs – really!

If there was an award given for “least likely to do drugs” – I would probably win every time.

So it makes me laugh that I had to do a drug screening for my next job.

Apparently there are people out there, very much unlike me, that have legitimate concerns when it comes to the outcome of their drug tests.

But because my experience is vastly different and, well, I don’t do illegal drugs, I found today’s drug screening process to be kind of amusing and a little militant.

The lady brought me back to a little sink.

“Do you have a photo ID?”

Yep, no problem. Here you go.

“Please place your purse in the cabinet.  I will lock the cabinet so that your belongings will be secure.”

Really? Ok.  No problem.

“Please wash your hands with soap and water.”

Sterile, I gotcha.

“Please pee into this cup, providing enough up until here – ” she points to an imaginary line”- and then please do not flush the toilet when you are done.”

Ok, back that up.  My mom trained me aggressively TO flush ALWAYS.  Ugh, I hope this doesn’t get back to her.

I went into the bathroom and produced a sample.  The bathroom didn’t have a sink or trash can – another bothersome factoid for me.  That REALLY grossed me out. If there was any way to open that door with my feet, I would have done it.

I handed over the sample and gladly washed my hands very thoroughly.  She then sealed the sample, I initialed a sticker on the sample that meant I agreed that she sealed the sample.  And then I signed a document stating that she sealed the sample.  We called my mom to tell her that we sealed the sample.  The sample is sealed, ok?

And let’s never do that again.

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the first day of the rest of my life…

oh, I know.  I’m a drama queen.

So how do you transition out of one career path (agency life) and into the public sector (aka village government)?

You start with a 3.3 mile run.  Then you go to lunch with two dear friends. Then you get pedicures.

And then you get a drug test.

Hmmm.  That last one was surprising.

And tomorrow, I think I am going to color my hair a shocking color and cut it shorter.

And I think the transition will be complete.

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last day in the ad agency world

Today is it – my last day at an ad agency.  When I was in college, I dreamed of being at an ad agency.  I thought there would be nothing cooler.  I have been privileged to work at ad agencies for the past 7 years of my life.  I’ve loved it.  I’ve hated it. I’ve met some of the coolest people I’ve ever known.  I’ve met some characters.  I’ve had clients call me screaming (and swearing).  I’ve had clients call me overjoyed.  I’ve seen some of the best work get scrapped.  I’ve canceled amazing media plans.  I’ve worked on teams where we negotiated amazing media programs with amazing media partners that had perfect synergy with our brands.  It’s a cool industry.  And at the end of the day, ads that are the blood, sweat and tears of teams of people inundate you in your home, at work, in your car, at the airport.  So many of us are annoyed by ads.  Entertained by ads.  Moved to take action (positively or negatively) by ads.  It’s cool to hate ads, but tell me you haven’t heard of a Sham-Wow or Tide or Toyota or Apple.  Tell me you don’t get just a little excited about the ads in the Superbowl.

Advertising is an art and it’s a science.  It’s communication at its best when it entertains and informs in :30 seconds or less, in a page or less, on a billboard on the highway, on a screen in an elevator.  It’s communication at its best when you remember the brand, the product.  And then you try it.  And you buy it.  And you recommend it.  It’s at its best when you feel that you discovered the product and become a spokesperson.

Advertising is an industry founded entirely ideas and dreams and thoughts.

The next time you experience an ad in a magazine, on TV, on a website, on the radio, on a billboard, on a bus, in an airport, on a train, on your cell phone – know that it started as an idea.  An idea that was probably hatched under the hot lights of a conference room.  Probably after hours.  By people running only on Diet Coke and Red bull and candy from the candy jar next to accounting.  And they draw from their experiences and their lives – the ones they have and the ones they wish they had.  And at 7:30 pm on a Tuesday, while memorizing the features and benefits and positioning statement of a product, someone speaks up and says, “Hey guys, I have an idea…”  And maybe that brave soul is a senior manager or an intern or a creative or a media person or a brand manager.  But it doesn’t matter because whoever has the idea, has the floor.

And this brave soul talks about a trip they took to a place they love and how it made them feel.  And then they talk about how that imagery would be a perfect visual analogy for the product in front of them.  And it ties in perfectly with this idea for a tag line that they have.  And then… And then there is a point where someone else, inspired, takes the hand-off on the idea and they build on it – I get what you’re saying –  it totally speaks to our target audience – it would work perfectly in these media options – we could shoot it in Argentina or Colorado or Iowa – and the vision for the execution and the next steps pull together like a snowball picking up speed rolling down a mountain.

And this avalanche of thinking takes over these ad agency folks lives.  Pictures are tacked up over their offices.  Media vendors are contacted, more ideas are brainstormed.  Plans.  Negotiations.  More late nights.  More lunches at their desks.

And one day, you’re making dinner and watching the 6 pm news.  And an ad for a car or a coffee maker or a shoe or a phone is in the first position of the commercial pod and the imagery reminds you of something you loved as a child.  A vacation you took, a place you went to – and you smile.  And you think, hmm, a new … interesting. And maybe you buy it or maybe you don’t.

That is advertising, when it goes well.

There are so many days when it doesn’t go well.  There are so many times when my eyes were bloodshot looking at a spreadsheet or a flowchart or a presentation.  There were many nights when I ate lunch and dinner at my desk.  When I drank more than 50 oz of diet coke.  When I walked out to the last car in the last row of the parking lot, lit by a solitary street light.

But it always felt worth it when it worked.

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FK and I have been quite busy. We sold our house and closed on it on 10/24. We are closing on our new townhouse on 11/17. We are still working through the details of financing and have had a few curve balls thrown, but I think we will be ok.

I was just in Minnesota for 3 days and I am exhausted… I really don’t have much else to say!