Well, it wasn’t that this weekend was sooo exhausting, but I just am not sleeping well! I have been having bad dreams about the wedding and I am NOT alone–Frank and my friend Erin have been having hideous dreams as well. Crazy!! I wake up at 6:00 a.m. thinking that for some reason the wedding is going all wrong or we have to cancel it…. not the best way to wake up!

This weekend Dad and I spent some quality time together. He assembled a desk while I put away a bunch of the shower gifts that we have been given. Then I whipped up some dinner for my Mom, grandma, Sarah and Dad. We had a nice little dinner in our little apartment. I just love the apartment!!

Last night Frank and I decided where we wanted to hang pictures and where we needed to put new pictures that we want to order. It’s a really exciting time!

Of course, last night Frank and I both realized that we are getting married NEXT week. How crazy is that!? The engagement went by so quickly and all of a sudden, here we are, almost married! And both of us are so excited about it and love each other and can’t imagine a better way to spend the rest of our lives… but at the same time… eeesh! It is *the rest of our lives*–doesn’t that sound just like a jail sentence? Except it’s not.

So yeah, I am working out some of the final trolley arrangements and transportation details today. I have a few things to pick up and drop off. My mom has really stepped up in the last week or so and done an incredible job helping me. I’d have to say Mom, Dad, Andy and Sarah all deserve the vacation they are taking after the wedding 😀

Only 11 days to go!! Boy do I have butterflies!!!

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