Howdy y'all!

Well, it’s FRIDAY!! YAY! And it’s only TWO weeks to the wedding–eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Time is truly flying by!

In the past 2 days I have written nearly 30 thank you notes for the two showers and wedding gifts that keep arriving. One family sent me the sugar bowl and creamer from our China set, but they arrived separately so they received 2 thank you notes for what I’m sure they intended to be one gift. Oh well! I just keep writing!

Today is a fat day, sadly. I really need to drink some water and watch what I eat today. I think it’s that time of month, but I know I haven’t done anything to help it with eating at least one cookie every day. Yesterday I had 2 pieces of cake. Small pieces, but 2 none-the-less!

Let’s not talk about food, though, okay?? Cuz I still I have at least 3.5 hours before I can eat… not that I’m hungry… but I will be if I keep thinking about it…

I think it’s time to do some work!!

14 days to go!

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