BIG Weekend!!

Whew–What a weekend!

Friday Frank and I went to the DuPage County Seat to get our marriage license. The first question they asked (even before they asked us what our names are!) was “Are you related?” WHAT!??!?! Of course not!! EEEEK! Ew ew ew. Frank was so stunned by the question, he couldn’t even come up with a witty comeback. Shocking. So after we did that (we are now fully licensed, woohoo!), Frank went to work and I went shopping for food for Frank’s apartment and then I went home and ran some errands. Later in the afternoon I went for my FINAL fitting at Volle’s. I put on my princess dress and it fit PERFECTLY! OH MY GOSH!! It was awesome. I love my dress. It is beautiful! Mom and I put it in the car (very carefully!) and it is now hanging in the basement, waiting for the big day!

Friday night Frank and I had Jamie and Craig over to Frank’s new pad (soon to be mine!). Frank put together some yummy appetizers and we chatted before going to Fridays for dinner. We had a great time! Craig FINALLY asked Frank to stand up in their wedding and Frank said, “Yes” without much deliberation 😉 They also asked me to do a reading in their ceremony–woohoo!!!

Saturday I was up bright and early, in search of the elusive Crate and Barrel. I had a few things I wanted to return and I figured it would be oh-so-easy to find a C&B in Naperville. WRONG. The only C&Bs in Naperville are outlets or furniture stores–not places I could return things to from regular C&Bs. Oh well. Frank and I left for Champaign early in the afternoon for his friend Eric O’s wedding. His bride was stunning in a Maggie Sotero dress. The ceremony was beautiful and both the bride and groom were in tears as they exchanged their vows. After the ceremony, we went to Hawthorne Suites Hotel for the reception. They had lovely quiches and mini-quesadillas–YUM! Dinner was also very good and dessert was tiramisu–YUMYUMYUM! I was quite full! Once dinner was finished, the dance floor was opened up so that we could all “cut a rug.” After we had done some serious dancing, the bride and groom did the traditional bouquet and garter toss. I declined going on the dance floor for the bouquet–I mean, I’m getting married in less than 25 days!!! But Frank decided to have his last hurrah as a single man, and hopped out on the dance floor. The other guys were quite upset that Frank took a front position because of his height, so he wound up in the back of the pack. No matter–Frank STILL caught the garter! That’s my guy!!!! It turns out that Eric, the groom, caught that same garter at his friend’s wedding in June, so we decided to keep the tradition alive and we are using the same garter in our wedding–rah!!!

Sunday afternoon Frank and I had a dance lesson as well as a bridal shower at my friend Erin B’s house in Chicago. The shower was AWESOME!! They had amazing food, it was good to see sorority sisters and the dessert was fabulous! She served tiramisu cake and a chocolate mousse cake and everyone had to try both–YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! So good! After that, Frank and I were pretty exhausted.

So that was our weekend! Only 25 days until the BIG DAY!!!

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