first day

Well, I had my first day today.  It was peachy.  I’m really excited about the position and this afternoon did not disappoint!  I got to sit in on a very interesting meeting that was sort of a baptism-by-fire type situation and I LOVED it. Loved. It.

I realized sitting in the meeting that I felt like I had my life back.  I like the job.  I find it really interesting.  And I am 12 minutes from home in rush-hour traffic (I timed it).  And that is awesome to me.

Did I mention yet that I made myself dinner?  And it involved boiling water – not just pouring milk into a bowl of dry cereal.


I am sure that there will be stressful days and situations.  I am sure there will be late nights (guaranteed at least a few nights a monthwith some after-work hours meeting).  But man, it sure is nice to see this side of 6 pm from my patio and not my desk.

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