Mary, Mary, Quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

… Not as big as we thought it might.  I went to the doctor.  Follicles are tiny.  Only 50% the size they need to be.  Going to go back Tuesday night for a follow-up study.  If they look better (which they should) then we can do the IUI on Wednesday.  If they need more time to bake, we’re targeting next Friday.  Get growing, follicles!


So, clearly I am still learning at my new job.  Here is how a meeting went today.

Boss, Director, Manager, Smart Legal Guy 1 (Burns) and Smart Legal Guy 2 (Smithers) + me go into a meeting.

Boss: We are all gathered here today to talk about the XYZ district on the DEU 12S23 parcel which is part of proposition 239LEG339-3-4-1-R4.
Me: ::nodding::
Burns: Very interesting.  Well,  I had a thought.  I was thinking that if we could extend the LIQ district while balancing out the CLAS parcel we could then see a positive cash flow on the differentials forwarded to escrow funded educational tax bracket bipartisan docket agenda platform.
Me: ::nodding::
Director: ::grunting:: I see what you’re saying… so you could possibly do the deal on the upside without the downside in the (and at this point, I can’t even make anything else up, so it sounded like, “blah blah blah”)
Me: ::furrowing eyebrows::
Manager: So this is pretty much amazing, is that what I’m hearing?
Burns: Yes, I am pretty much brilliant.
Boss: I agree.
Me: ::nodding enthusiastically! writing down various letters and abreviations – Must Google later!::
Smithers: Any questions?
Me: Nope!


I am over my sickness from the weekend, but have branched into a new and exciting sickness: a massive cold.
Oh yes.  That’s right.  Does it get any more fun??

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