I don’t know what else there is to say about the BFN today.  I was hoping that some elegant words would come to mind, but most of the words that have come to mind have been less than elegant.

Mostly the words are born out of frustration and anger.  Oh, and a ton of sadness.

This month was more difficult than most.  It marked a full year of trying.  Yes, I totally understand that most people try for a year before they think something is wrong and get checked out.  We were just fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough that it was evident that we had a problem on our hands four months in to trying.

For the past eight months I have been on and off of Clomid.  I have been stuck and poked and prodded countless numbers of times.  I am pretty sure I could give myself an ultrasound if the technician were to accidentally pass out.

This is not how I imagined how this process would go.

I know that I am blessed beyond comprehension in so many ways.  I remind myself of that daily when I get sad or upset about this situation.

But this situation just sucks.

4 thoughts on “bah.

  1. 4 words: You are not alone. I get you hon, totally. I am completely off that train for a least a few years… I am here ready and willing to listen, commiserate, etc. I’ve got nothing but time on the subject. Lots of love honey bun.

    • Hey Rosie, Thank you for your comments and your endless support. As I said, unfortunately I am not alone. I hate that we are in the same boat, but I guess if I have to be in the same boat with someone, you’re a great boat partner. I count you as one of the best blessings of the year. Love you!

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