infertility jokes are just not funny

So obviously I’ve been pretty sad lately (as in over the past few days).

But the Irish girl in me (about 1/4 to 1/8 of me… I’m a bit diluted) is fighting hard to find a joke in here.

I think about different conversations I have had or might have, and I try to work in a infertility  joke.

It’s not possible.

Infertility is the most unfunny topic ever.

And even when I think of something that sounds funny to me, I realize that if I say it out loud, I will put everyone else in a bad spot.  You can almost see the panic on peoples’ faces as they think: Laugh? Don’t laugh?  Is it funny?  I don’t know! I don’t know! HELP!

That’s not really fun for anyone.

I guess I’ll just have to honor the Belgian in me: chocolate and beer, please!

2 thoughts on “infertility jokes are just not funny

  1. Have a Diet Coke or Diet Cherry 7up, drown the sorrows in cookies from the exchange. As we talked about today, there were a few times when during my struggles, some really funny moments came out. Don’t feel weird about trying to find a joke in there. I do it too. Its how positive people try to get through non-positive ordeals. So, laugh when you can, cry when you need to, its just our way to get by the dark times. And remember, when you don’t have to look for those funny or happy moments to cheer us up, we’re blessed. X’s and O’s

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