follicology part deux

Well, today did not go as well as hoped.

The largest follicle last Thursday was 8 mm and today it was… 9 mm.  Hm.

Because the follicles grew, allbeit not by very much, the doctor has some hope.  I have a follow up study on Thursday night to see if they grow at all.

To be honest, I wasn’t very optimistic going into tonight – and I’m not very optimistic about it moving forward.

I used to be able to vividly imagine what it would be like to be pregnant and have a baby.

It’s getting harder and harder to imagine that.

7 thoughts on “follicology part deux

  1. Emmy –

    Remember when we were little – We heard some CRAZY story that if we got close enough to a bird, and was able to sprinkle some salt on its tail, we could catch it because it wouldn’t be able to fly. Rediculous. But we believed it. We grabbed some salt shakers and set out believing that if we just got close enough…was just quiet enough…if we could get just a couple of grains of salt on that tail, we would have a bird to call our own?? I mean, why wouldn’t it happen? Someone told us it would. We believed…

    Remember the shock on mom’s face when we came home with a bird in our hands?

    Funny how God allows everything to happen for a reason….

    Ya know, I don’t understand why God is putting this trial in your life. I don’t know why it has been such a difficult road…

    I can say this – I have seen you become more faithfilled, and more open to His plan for you and Frank than ever. Over the years, I have just been inspired by your abandonment to live for Him and to be obedient to what He calls you to do. And even though I am going through a really hard season in my relationship with Him, I can say that watching how you have just taken each step of this path with a deep breathe, and with your head held high with confidence of who your Father is…well, it has touched my life more than you know….

    You are going to be an amazing, Godly mother Emily. I am CONFIDENT that God is going to come through, as He always seems to do in your life, and be glorified through this all. You are such a strong woman, and your faith is something spectacular to see…

    I am praying for you and Frank everyday. I love you so much, sister! I’m proud of you…and when it does happen – you will be able to hold out your hands and show people how you believe in this story about a Man…who gave you this life…


    • Sist-oh Caitlin – Thank you for your comment – it’s just what I needed to hear. I love you!

      PS. Booma died the day we caught that bird. Just saying… 🙂

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