one week from today…

is our 6 year anniversary.

Six years ago one week seemed like an eternity.  The minutes and hours didn’t seem to go fast enough.  I could not wait!

Five years ago, we were moving up to Milwaukee.

Four years ago, we were in New York visiting the set of the Today Show.

Three years ago, we were in Colorado, traveling up to Pike’s Peak and enjoying a lovely dinner in Colorado Springs.

Two years ago, we were living in Milwaukee, enjoying our home and our life.  Frank had just finished his upgrade to Jet Captain.

One year ago, our life was in upheaval.  We were selling our home in Wisconsin, living with my parents, Frank had just been laid off (again), I was in the midst of planning season at an ad agency and in the midst of it all, we were trying to figure out what our new normal was going to be.

And today, here we are, settled in our home in Illinois.  Frank is back at an airline.  I am at a new job.  We have been blessed beyond anything we could have imagined, six years ago.  What a crazy adventure.  God has been so gracious with us.

I love you, FK.  More than you know.


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