doing better

today was a little bit better than yesterday night.

Frank was amazing.  I came home from a reception after work and was so hungry that I didn’t know if I wanted to eat now, order food or go out to eat.  On the way home I changed my mind three times.  While Frank may have been tempted to throw up his hands and say “screw this!” – he didn’t.

We went to a nice Mexican restaurant and then stopped at Dominicks and rented He’s Just Not That Into You. Oh, goodness – all of the mistakes I made in my dating life!!  If only I had that movie back then.  But I have to say, I think it all worked out perfectly.  But man – I was an idiot.

Moving on.

I decided to go with snuggling on the couch and renting a rom-com instead of going to the theaters and watching The Time Traveler’s Wife because, well, I sobbed when I read the book.  And considering my fragile hormonal state, why risk it?  Maybe Friday.  Maybe.

The upside: I’ve been drinking more water, so the crying isn’t dehydrating me.  I mean, silver lining on everything, hey?

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