one year!

our Small Group is celebrating one year tonight with a Potluck Dinner. I am so excited to celebrate this milestone because God has done so much in our small group – and I am sure He will continue to work in everyone’s lives.

A year ago, I was wondering where this whole Small Group was going to go. I wondered if I was crazy for thinking it was going to work. In one year, we’ve prayed, studied, volunteered in the community, shared meals and tea together, went on a retreat together in Chicago, and had members come and go depending on the seasons in their lives.

I am so blessed to have each of these women in my life. They are a strong support network and have taught me so much.

To the women in the group: Allison, Caroline, Dorothy, Kim, Rose, Tammy and Toni – here’s to another awesome year together!

3 thoughts on “one year!

  1. Yay! I can’t believe that the small group that started a year ago with only 3 members has bloomed to 8 ongoing members with many more that will always be there in spirit! I remembered sitting on your parents couch together that first day talking about how we wanted the group to be. It became that and so much more! It’s like a sisterhood! Thank you so much for starting the group and inviting me to be apart!! Love you lots!

    • Dor!! Thanks so much for sending out the meeting reminders and keeping everyone informed – we would all be lost without you! (literally, and figuratively)
      LOVE YOU!

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