Missin' FK.

So, the planner/doer in me is kind of happy that Frank is back to flying. I get a lot more done when he isn’t home. I multi-task (ie. sobbing while folding laundry) and I go out with girlfriends. I talk on the phone for a remarkable amount of time (yesterday: about 1 hour with my mentor LH and about 1 hour with my sisterinlaw KK). I can fill my time and my life with lots more stuff and I stretch myself to the max. I plan to do five or six things in one day – something that FK would wisely stop me from doing! – and then I race around town.

But all the “stuff” that I think I need to do, doesn’t replace hanging with FK. When he is home, he graciously does a lot (makes dinner, does laundry, cleans the house…) for me. So I squeeze in phone calls on my way home from work, I email during lunch, I shop online. And what do we do when he is home? Sure, we still hang out with friends and we watch movies and we do all kinds of things together, but we do a more reasonable amount of things. We pick one or two things instead of ten. We take snuggle breaks. We watch TV on the Internet. And my soul is happy.

So I don’t think that I am bored when he is gone, because I have many wonderful friends who keep me occupied. It’s just that I would gladly trade in some of the fluff (do I realllly need to make a salsa garden? really??) to take a snuggle break with FK.

Hurry home, FK! We’ve got lots of snuggling to do!

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