Q1 Review + April

We are now in the fifth month of the year and I thought that there was appropriate distance between us and the first three months of the year.

So what happened in January, February and March?

Snow. That was pretty annoying. I did not enjoy shoveling, and fortunately Frank was so kind as to shovel most of the time.

We also received confirmation that Frank was invited to go back to AirTran with the rest of the 200 pilots who had a long, unpaid vacation starting in September of last year. To say that Frank was giddy about going back would be an understatement! He couldn’t get started studying and retraining fast enough.

We had just started trying to get pregnant and I was noticing some significant physiological changes, but not sure what to do about them.

My company laid off four of the thirteen people working at our office. That was a sad day at work – and not just for the people leaving. We were said to see our coworkers go, and then overwhelmed at the thought of what we were going to have to accomplish without them. It hasn’t necessarily gotten better, either.

Frank’s mom and Julia had their birthdays in January. Frank and I both got wicked colds right after that, but I had to work through it because we were in the midst of major budget revisions at work. Mr. Obama was sworn into office and has been trying desperately to change things in the country – but I am realizing that I don’t think that what he’s doing is going to work and the long-term implications might be scarier than our short term cash issues as a country. How much more money can we possibly owe to China??

In April we drove Frank down to Atlanta. I was stranded down there as a result of some flight cancellations. Frank passed all of his tests and was home more in April than I expected, which was wonderful.

So here we are in May. I think things are improving for the K’s. Yes, we have this fertility thing to take care of, but at least we have a plan. If only my body would cooperate 🙂

Q1 Grade: B+ (yes, held on to our jobs and are employed, but health needs improvement)
April Grade: A- (FK’s job rocks and we are working on our health)

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