packed, moved, painted (somewhat), sick

In between this post and the last, Frank and I packed, painted, moved, painted, cleaned, unpacked, cleaned, unpacked… and found out that I have a fibroid and a growth on my left ovary. I probably have more than 1 fibroid – it’s just that the big one is 9 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick. Groovy. I will need to have surgery similar to a c-section (in terms of cutting into the abdomen, etc) to remove the fibroid and depending on the growth on the ovary, that growth may need to come out too.

The good news is that 1) I found out before I became pregnant and before there was any risk to a baby and 2) I now know why my cycles are so long and painful. Mystery solved! Unfortunately, with a family history of fibroids and a fibroid of this size, there is definitely increased risk of miscarriages and 2nd trimester miscarriages.

THe surgery will have me in the hospital for 2 days and out of work for 4-6 weeks (sorry DK!). My work is being so awesome, though, and is going to let me work from home. They realize that I am a mess when I am not doing something… allowing me to work from home is really a great benefit to society. They can probably write off my salary as charitable donation.

Anyway, definitely not looking forward to the surgery. I had an emotionally draining week last week and decided to cancel the large painting party we were going to have. Craig and Jamie still came up from (so sad – we wouldn’t be able to use our TV if Craig didn’t set it up! Thank you Craig!!) and friends from the Milwaukee area stopped in throughout the day, picked up a paint brush/roller and helped get some of the rooms done. I’m really glad we didn’t have a huge event because I was in pain all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 😦 The good thing is that some of our friends are able to come up this coming weekend and it will be really nice to just be able to spend time with them and enjoy them, especially since the pain has gone away mostly. YAY!

Hope everyone is doing well. I will post pics when they are available!!

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