wife swap.

Well, I think tonight is the first night that Frank seriously considered swapping wives with our friends The Dubs*. Our friend Tadwich would really get the short end of the stick, and I’m not sure Frank would trade Valencia back for me. Sure, Tadwich would think it was funny, but then he’d become a worn out old man, too.

So what has driven Frank over the edge? Well, I have been sort of easing him into the idea of having Easter at our house. Sort of letting him know about people sort of… one at a time. You know, letting him get used to thinking about having a group over. And we have plenty of space. That’s the beauty of the new house – we can have more than 5 people over without breaking fire code. Niiiice. So anyway, I may have lacked honesty through omission. Ok. I did lack honesty via omitting certain guests. So yeah. We’re up to 15 people. Which is a lot for us. Well, for Frank emotionally – and it’s a stretch for me logistically.

Because I have gone through some pretty stressful entertaining situations (ie, smoke in the house, dropping a pan of cooked pasta in the sink as guests were arriving, not being sure of food being properly “done”), I learned not to make things I don’t know how to make. It’s actually a rule Frank created due to more than one harried entertaining experience where I sort of looked at the food, squinted at the picture in the recipe and said, “Do you think this looks close?”

Good times. Good times.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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