Today is a gorgeous, sunny Wisconsin Saturday morning. The sun is shining brightly off the lake, the seagulls are squaking outside our windows and the streets are quiet and tranquil.

Oh yes, and the temperature is somewhere in the mid-twenties. Bloody winter.

On Wednesday I almost started crying when the snow started coming down. Fortunately I don’t have a window in my cube, so I can’t see directly outside – thank goodness for that! In all truthiness, if the sun shined this brightly all winter, I wouldn’t mind the temperatures. Well, I wouldn’t mind them as much.

This has been one long winter. According to Mark Baden and his meteorological fraternity of newscasters, we are short 10 1/2 inches of snow up here in Cream City.

Enough about the weather. Today, we are going to the house to paint our bedroom and our bathroom. We also have some areas we need to touch up on the first floor. I just need to figure out how to convince Frank that it is time to get up. He sure does love his sleepy time!!

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