FK! Says I Don't Post Like I Used To – Fricker.

Well, it’s official, FK and I are members of the YMCA. Yahoo! We joined this afternoon to enjoy the benefits of personal trainers, free classes, an indoor track, whirlpool, an amazing weight system and Tony, the man that took us on a tour. Tony, stud that he is, was a long haired, buff wee-man that enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry and step-classes. I don’t think he was interested in FK, per se, but he was a little more high maintenance than most of my girlfriends.

What we really liked about the Y was the “big brother is watching you” mentality. Tony made a point out of how they keep track of when you have been to the gym through computer systems, as well as help you track your workouts. As we were touring the facility, one of the regulars came up to Tony to let him know she would be out the next week on vacation, so he didn’t need call to see where she was. Either there is some sort of inappropriate relationship going on there or they realllllly keep tabs on the members. I don’t doubt that they would actually call if you were MIA for a few days. Knowing FK and myself, this is actually a benefit. As a matter of fact, if they wouldn’t mind just sending over their friend Larry to casually remind us (while wielding nun chucks), that we should be at the gym – that would be great.

Actually, what was slightly disconcerting was a) the lack of wheat grass (as I am sure you are aware by now, I think wheat grass shots are the only way to go) and b) the fact that there was a woman carrying left over pizza through the gym. She walked right by the indoor track with that pizza. It just didn’t seem right – although I can’t put my finger on it. I mean, I guess it could have been worse – she could have been carrying an empty pizza box…

Last, but not least, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to the UWM Panthers. I didn’t realize we lived in such an athletic powerhouse state (you know, what with the Milwaukee Admirals and the Bucks and stuff…)

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