A Place Called Vertigo

Yes, that’s right folks – FK! and I are going to see U2 on 9/25!!!!! Sooooo excited! Of all the musical groups I have ever wanted to see, this one tops the list! We are calling this our anniversary present to eachother. The downside to this is that we each went to different locations to buy tickets and the unfortunate thing is, they don’t let you use your cell phones when you are in line. The result is: Frank and I bought a total of 8 tickets. YIKES! We already have a few people that want them, but financing them on the good ole credit cards is not a fun time, that’s for sure!

Anyway – that’s that. Frank is flying tonight, so I’m going down to Chicago to hang out with Meg & Ann and to possibly go to a fundraiser. Monday we are doing the stations of the cross with church. Busy week ahead of us, for sure!

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