So today is beautiful. The sun is out, the snow is melting, the world is crawling out of the rock we have been hiding under for the past 4 months – it is magical. PFM, as Frank would say – Pure Freakin’ Magic.

Lots of stuff has been going on at work, keepin’ me busy. Don’t really want to get into it – it’s only interesting to me which means it will undoubtedly put anyone who reads my blog sound asleep. Friday night it was Sarah & Dan’s anniversary (one year, hoorah!). Dan made a surprise dinner for Sarah at our apartment and she waas definitely surprised. Congrats to them!

While they were wining and dining, FK and I went to Swig for happy hour (not so happy – 1 glass of wine, 1 beer = $11… hmmm). Then we went to Mayfair to go see a movie, but once we got into the theater, decided we were tired and it was time to call it a night.

Yesterday we slept in (FK was on reserve, yahoo) and went for a walk, went back to Mayfair to see if we could get a new phone plan — no dice, FK doesn’t want to trade in his super cool phone for a subpar phone, even though the service would be slightly better. Then my parents came up for Church and Dinner. Yum. Went to Trocadero – highly recommend it – very tastey.

This morning we dozed until 8:30 and then got a move on. Picked up Kupers at the airport and went for a walk along the lakefront. Stopped in at Starbucks and then took Kupers back to the airport so he could finish up his flights for the day. Found out FK has a standup tonight, so I’ll be flyin’ solo for the evening. 🙂 S’okay.

Anyway, gotta get my hairs cut – write more later. .. hopefully… 🙂

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