Where, oh, where am I?

Let’s see…

Frank and I helped move some people for Church on Saturday morning. The first house we went to was on the west side of Milwaukee. Generally speaking, the owners who were moving out did not keep the house in the best condition and it was kind of grimey, but that’s really hard to judge since I was only there on the day they were moving out. So who knows. The other house we helped move was just a complete nightmare – totally unprepared for all the people who came out to help and the owners were clearly not able to keep up with the basic cleaning as the house was covered in what can only be described as a very thick layer of dust.

See, here’s the thing, I know that the first house was owned by a single mom and the second house was owned by a mom and dad who both worked and had 2 kids. So I guess time was not on their sides, that’s for sure. Needless to say, it was eye opening – we came home and took apart the kitchen and the bathroom and scrubbed. Then we cleaned out our closets. It was quite cleansing, that’s for sure

Other than that, we had a nice weekend – we hung out with Dan, Sarah, Becky & Jeff on Saturday. Jeff managed to nearly drop a buffet of a China cabinet on Saturday so Sarah and I went with him to get stitches at a local clinic. His wife, Amy, didn’t beleive we were at the clinic, even though Sarah (the most honest person I know) got on the phone to tell her so. Oh well – Jeff has probably earned at least that level of doubt with all the practical jokes he has played on his lovely wife in the past several years. 🙂 We love Jeff!

Church today was interesting – the Worship team has been having their ups and downs because the worship pastor went to Kansas (I think), so they are looking for a new worship pastor. Worship today was “tight.” Everyone had their stuff down, harmonies worked, etc – good stuff. Outside of that, Frank and I had a nice nap. We were going to go down to Dave G’s Oscar party (aka Oscarpalooza), but the 2 hr drive down and back up on a work night was not so appealing.

In other news, Happy Birthday to Jamie & Michelle B!! Congrats on your big birthdays – Jamie is 26 and Michelle is a quarter of a century – 25! Yay!

ALso, want to congratulate Jane P. for updating her blog – very nice – loved hearing about your happenings!

In other news, wanted to let Kate A know that my prayers are with her & her family. Kate’s grandpa is sick – I’m thinking about you!!

Other than that, Meg and I are traveling out to Utah for my work – Happy day! It’s a spa/ski trip (we’ll be spa-ing it – what is this ski thing? no way!) I love it when work lets me bring a guest!

That’s it for now!!

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