Hello World!

Well, it has certainly been a while since I posted. Everything is going really well. I have been working a lot, but learning a lot too. I am really enjoying work – challenges and all!

The home front is good too – Frank and I are having a blast together. We are learning a lot about each other and we are growing a lot in our marriage, too. We are both pretty active in the church now, too, which has been both a great way to grow closer to God, but also to meet a ton of people in the area.

We went to Kohler on Saturday for Frank’s Mom’s birthday. I have a new niece, Julia Michelle, who was born on 1/26/05. She is just TOO adorable!! She is a very calm, peaceful baby and beautiful to boot! I don’t get too excited about kids, but I saw her big, beautiful blue eyes and just melted. Aww! What can I say, I’m a doting aunt 🙂

I wish I had more exciting news to post about, but that’s it for right now. Yahoo!

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