The Sacred Train Rule…

Has once again been broken. There are five rules of riding the train:

1) Do not speak loudly (or at all) before 8am.

2) Take any cell phone conversations to the vestibule.

3) Do your best to avoid hitting other passengers in the head with your bag as you walk down the aisle

4) Do not speak loudly about personal problems because then I will want to ask you about them if they are particularly juicy, but I can’t because I’m not really supposed to “hear” what you are saying

5) Do not speak loudly (or at all) before 8am.

Rules #1 and #5 are particularly important and have been mentioned several times in previous blogs. I don’t understand why people have such a hard time with this rule.

This morning, there was a gaggle of teachers taking the train in from DeKalb. Now, I have to say that I’m not sure that they were really teachers per se. They were definitely student teachers, which explains the stories they were telling. One of their friend’s mothers went over to his apartment and cleaned it for 9 hours one day. First of all, what 20-something has their mom over to clean their apartment? And secondly, what MOM DOES THAT?!?! If your kid is a pig, but out of your house, I say, not your problem. Also, these girls were talking about how they like to go drinking at several bars and people they knew. What was particularly upsetting about this was that 1) they prevented me from getting a very important extra hour of sleep that I crave every morning and 2) the stories they were telling were so blah that it wasn’t worth staying awake for. But their voices were so high pitched and whiney, I couldn’t fall asleep. UGH!

So, enough of that. I’m done. Really.

Gotta finish work…

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