What's New…

This week Frank is training in Milwaukee. Yesterday he was measured for his uniform–yay! What a hottie! He is living with his parents, as I’ve mentioned, and it has been a little bit lonely at home, but I’m doing okay. I will be able to see him tomorrow & that’s not too far away!

I’ve been really busy with trying to find a new job and all that good stuff. We are going to go apartment hunting in Milwaukee on Sunday, so that will be good. I’m excited about the move, for sure.

Tonight I’m driving to Elgin (cuz I’m crazy) to say good-bye to my dearest friend Katy S who is moving to Arizona. From the Orange Hand to Zee Pink Lee-mon-ade, we go way back and I’m going to miss her so much!! I also get to meet her John M–the love interest 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m getting my hair cut and spending quality time with Da Husband. Yeehaw. Saturday, I have to try on my dress for Dor’s wedding and run a few errands before we go to see Dave Matthew’s Band up in Wisconsin. I can’t wait–I love Dave! And, as I mentioned before, apartment shopping on Sunday. Busy busy!

After this weekend, Frank might be using some weekends to do some mandatory flights around the country. He needs to observe the crew in action. The good news is that I might get to go on some of the trips with him, which would be awesome. Yay!

Just another thought…

When walking to work, I pass quite the cast of characters. On Dearborn and State, at about the same time every morning, there is a guy wearing some bizarrely colored (purple, orange, baby blue) suit made out of some interesting fabric (satin, cordouroy (sp?) or velvet). The suit seems to be well made–but for someone either much shorter or much taller. He walks with a slight limp, but is generally clean shaven, clean cut, well-groomed. Very bizarre.

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