So what is new…

I am going to take this time to do a thorough update on everything that is going on in my life. In no particular order:

Frank’s New Job

Frank is now working in Milwaukee and living 45 minutes south of that with his parents. I am still living in the western ‘burbs, about an hour from Frank. I miss him like crazy, especially when I am home from work and about to go to bed. Very lonely. Fortunately I have had some friends staying with me, and that helps a lot. He has about 2 1/2 weeks left of training, then he goes to NY for 2 more weeks of simulator training.

My Job

It has been okay. Nothing terrible, nothing great. I’m exhausted today because I went to see Nickel Creek with Kelly last night. It was a fabulous show, although it doesn’t technically belong under the heading of “my job.” I have several leads for my potential new job, which helps. My boss, who normally annoys me, hasn’t been too terrible. I think he is happy with our team and has stopped trying to prove to us how great he is. Mostly. Whatever, though. I really can’t care less.


They are okay, too. Mom & Dad turn 50 next week (the 18th and 17th respectively). My sister is in town until the 14th. Right now, she and Mom are flying back from Santa Fe where they vacationed. Andy is doing a big concert with his band at the end of this month. They created a pretty trippy band room in the basement and they call it the Rave Cave. Interesting, eh?

My sister-in-law, Kathryn, is preggers with #2. Father-in-law has named the child Coco. I think that is still up for discussion. Karen, my other sister-in-law just came back from the Czech Republic. Her stories about her trip are fantastic and maybe one day, Frank and I will go there! That would be great ๐Ÿ™‚


We have to move soon… not sure where or when. Our lease is up on 9/30. Hmmm. This could get interesting…


Since writing this blog, I have developed a headache.


Headaches made me think of expectations. Specifically expectations of others around me. With everything on my plate, there are some people that don’t quite understand that I leave the house at 7 am and I get home, if I’m lucky, at 7 pm. I do my very best to spend time with friends as much as possible and attend to everything I can. There are some people that haven’t exactly been entirely understanding of this. I am doing the best I can to honor my commitments, but sometimes you drop a ball when you’re juggling 1,000,000.

Congratulations are in order…


~Angie and Bill were engaged a month before Frank and I, so Angie and I have shared the whole getting married/marriage process together. I’m so excited for both of them and know they are going to have an excellent wedding and life together. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Jennie and Jim will be having their bridal shower on Sunday, the wedding will be on October 7. Yay!

*Dorothy and Erik have their first of three showers this weekend. The wedding is on October 16. Finally! Yay! We’re almost there! ๐Ÿ™‚ (They have been engaged since Sept. 2002)

…and last, but not least…

Congratulations to Kater for her new apartment! After everything she’s gone through to move to Cali, she finally has a place to hang her hat… WOOHOO!

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