Wooo wooo!

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Fast Train is now boarding!! First stop–Party Town USA!!!

Well, this weekend is going to be one party after another–starting today! My office has become Halloween central–every floor is decorated and there is Candy Galore. At 3pm there is a party and a Haunted Trail. It’s like being in first grade all over again!

Tomorrow Frank’s office is having a party at his boss’s house. There will be more food, more drinking and lots of fun!! WOOWOO!! I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween–perhaps my darling husband will kindly pick out an outfit for me??

Saturday some of Frank’s friends are getting married. They are actually getting married at the same church that Frank and I were married at–but they are getting married in the garden chapel area. It will be beautiful! After that we are going to the reception.

Sunday we are going to church and then after I am going to the Pastor’s brunch because I am going to join Christ Church and become a member. YAY!

So thats the weekend in a nutshell!

~Jaze & KP-Izzle~

The plans are coming together–rah! Jaze–do you want to put together an evite or would you like me to? And what days are good for you guys? Also, I can’t do the weekend of the 15th because I am booked solid (except Friday the 14th which I still need to clear with my darling husband–hereafter referred to as DH).

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