Why I love my Husband.

And why I will never call him Hubby. Frank is cooking dinner tonight (can I get an “awww!”??) and I just think that is the best thing in the whole world. I can’t wait! He’s just too phenomenal!!

As for Hubby. Hubby is a word that makes me think of Jenny Jones. Jenny Jones and any sort of yuppy-ish 1980’s sitcom. Jenny, Jerry and Ricki all use the word Hubby in show titles such as in: Hubby is sleeping with the Nanny who’s name is Tom. And: What to do when your Hubby is a Slacker. I’ve also heard the term hubby used on sitcoms, but I just don’t know which ones. But I’m sure it has. And so for those two reasons, it became trashy in my mind. It makes me cringe, actually.


Whassup, Jamie-babe? I was so excited to see all of your updates, although I wasn’t too pleased about the spider scenario from the other morning. NOT cool. EW EW EW. ANd to think of how your platform sandals must have suffered!


Hi! Thanks for coming out with us on Friday–even if it was kinda lame! You’re babe-licious!

Jaze and KP:

Girls night? And is there anyone else who’s up for it????

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