Ugh. Sugar rush.

Okay, yesterday my office celebrated Halloween like we did in grade school. Parties, candy, costume contests, etc. The whole 9 yards. Fantastic. The result was a sugar high like none-other. But as we all know–what goes up… does come down. HARD. Blah.

This leads me to my current position. I am up on the scales. I am bloated and fat-feeling from Georging (I know, TMI). And I have decided to give up chocolate for 1 month. Starting now (Mind you–I had a “fun” size pack of peanut butter M&Ms and a “fun” size Nestle Crunch before 10 this morning). I expect that I will experience some classic withdrawal symptoms. I expect that this is going to much more difficult that I could ever imagine. But I am going to do this.

Before the wedding I gave up ice cream for 2 mos and now I don’t eat as much as I had before, so that’s good. One food item at a time.

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