Wow, It’s been ages, it seems!

Wednesday: Frank and I went to meet the organist. Not as in livers, but rather as in music. It was amazing! He has 4,444 pipes in the organ and he can really rock!! Hearing the music that I am going to walk down the aisle to gave me chills–how awesome! Frank and I actually bought his CD (oh, okay, two CDs) and listened to them in the car for the rest of the night.

Thursday: Another invitation night. I’m not even going to tell you any more about the invitations because it’s not good for my mental health.

Friday: Girls Night Out!! We went to Famous Dave’s and had some dinner and then hung out and chilled for a while. Lots of fun! Love the girls!!

Saturday: Kimmie came over in the midst of the whole invitation thing part 4. Then we went to Container Store (I could buy EVERYTHING there… seriously…) and after that, Target. What a great time! It wa so great that it could only be followed up by one thing–OBERWEIS!! I love their ice cream so much–but not more than Frank.

Speaking of Frank, Saturday night we had our tasting at Beau Jolie. It was beautiful! Frank’s parents were pleasantly surprised by the hall and the food was fantabulous. We finalized a few things on the menu and ordered the wedding cake. I know this sounds bizarre, but we are having a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and white calla lilies. It should be interesting. I’m not sure how that’s going to look, honestly, but hey, I didn’t really get too caught up in the cake details.

After that we went to Trisha K’s house for some good times at her new pad. Well, it’s not necessarily new-new. It’s just new. She moved in February of this year and this was the first time I’d been there. It was definitely new in February, though, for those of you confused by my writing…

Sunday: Went to small group at church, followed it up with a few hours at IAA. I helped them organize a BBQ that raises funds for a youth aviation thing. No one has food poisoning (yet), so I declare that it was a complete success!!

Tonight Frank and I are going to hang out with our dear friend John N. He is going to throw together a slideshow type deal for our wedding reception. I am definitely looking forward to it! YIPPY!

That’s it, I guess…

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