Almost there!

The week is almost over since I have Thurs and Fri off! YAY!!

Monday: Worked late, came home at 8:30. I worked with Kate A on her application to the company I work for–hopefully she’ll get the job!! That would be WAY cool. Very exciting. 🙂

Tuesday: Going to work late again. Probably won’t get home until 9:30 or 10:30.

Thoughts on Working Late:

It’s easier to work late when you feel like you have a vested interest in the project that is being worked on. When you are just there for who knows what reason and you aren’t working on something that you understand (ie, the purpose of the project, etc), it becomes harder to swallow.

Also, you shouldn’t have to sign away your life for your job. Just a thought. Work to live, not live to work.


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