Undies Day!

Yesterday my friend Ann and I had dinner at Baja Fresh at Deer Park Mall. Then we decided to check out the sales at GAP. I got a bunch of underwear (a little over $1/pair) and a tube top for $4.00 (this is so I can tan without getting a line for the wedding dress) and a new scent. YAY! We also had a good time going through her pictures from Blitz Build.

Ice Cream Day!

Monday, Kate and I had ice cream. That was yummy! We also had a nice time chatting about things–weddings, school, work, etc. Good times!

Being busy…

So yeah, I’m a busy chick. I have a lot going on with the wedding and moving and work, etc. But I really feel out of the loop. I miss all of my sorority sisters a lot and I don’t really get to do a lot of “hanging out” stuff with friends from home. There are only 86 days to the wedding, but when we are married, I’ll be in Naperville. So I feel like I need to make sure I do a lot of stuff now with friends on top of everything for the wedding. It seems that everyone else has a better schedule than I do, as well. I know this is a lot of whining, but I suppose I just needed to vent.

There. Done. (for now)

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