Well, I tried to get all this updated stuff together on Friday of last week, but no luck. Blogger freaked out and lost my stuff. So here we go.

Wednesday, June 4–Frank and I had the day off of work and were very productive considering that we were both not feeling very well. The night before we picked up our kitchen table (WE own furniture now!). Then Wednesday morning we shuffled off to Midway to drop off his resume. Then we went to the jewelers to look at wedding rings. That wasn’t as productive as we hoped, but oh well. After a quick Oberweis lunch, we headed to Naperville to begin our apartment search. The first place we looked at smelled soooo awful that I was worried that *I* smelled after we left. Thankfully I smelled no more than usual 🙂 The second place was better than the first, but not necessarily inspiring. The third and final apartment was on a golf course by an excellent train station and I fell in love! That is where we are hoping to rent.

Thursday, June 5–I was feeling better and went to work. Not much exciting.

Friday, June 6–After work we all went to Tammy’s house where we had a fabulous time eating pizza and playing games. One of the best evenings I’ve had in a while!

Saturday, June 7–I went to Frank’s office to get some work done. Unfortunately a student crashed his plane and I couldn’t’ get anything done. I gave Dor a ring and we went to the mall and window shopped for a while. Good times! Then we had a birthday party to attend for one of Frank’s students. It’s funny that Frank’s students are turning 50 in some cases.

Sunday, June 8–We had a premarital seminar. Good times. Then we went to Corner Bakery for dinner and saw the movie Bruce Almighty.

I think that’s it!

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