Why you gotta be angry all the time??

Being that pre-menstrual time of month, I am just angry today. No reason, really. But seriously, the next person that walks in will either get popped in the nose or will find me a sobbing mess. What is my deal!? I hate this. I always conveniently forget about my period for 2 weeks out of the month. But then, BAM, it hits me. And I ALWAYS wonder what it is. “Wow, why I am an emotional mess!?”

Once someone told me that there was no such thing as PMS. Give me 5 minutes alone with this person and they will be well educated in the ways of PMS.

Wedding Updates

I have my tiara–cuz I’m a princess!! And I have my veil and shoes, too! This weekend, Mom and I are doing the invitations marathon. It’s going to be an all day Saturday kinda thing.

Other Updates

There aren’t any, really. I’ll write more later!

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