Shoppy Shoppy…

Well, last night I did a good job. I got 3 very cute shirts for the bargain price of $28. Rock. I also got to spend some quality time with my girl, Kimmie Wimmie.

Why Kim is SOOO Cool:

Kim is so cool because she shops with me. We pick through piles of clothes and offer eachother our professional advice on items. “That makes you look busty (This is a compliment, by the way)” and other good advice is offered through out the shopping adventure. She also makes me laugh. And she eats McDonald’s with me, even though we both know that I have to be able to fit into a wedding dress in, oh, 108 days.

Which brings me to:


Yes, folks, we here at the R-K Wedding Company have 108 days to go. That’s like 3.5 months. Tomorrow is a big day for us as we will be:

*Getting our wedding bands (as in rings, not musicians)

*Finding an apartment

*Visiting with our pastor

This weekend I will also be finalizing a few things on our wedding registries, selecting my veil and tiara (I am a princess, you know) and possibly purchasing some kick-butt dinnerware.

After that, June 13th will be engagement photo day. July 11th is tentatively scheduled as florist day, but I believe that will be moved.

T-108 days… YAY!

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