Birth Control…

Now I’m wondering if it’s my birth control that is ruining my appetite. Last month when I first started it, I was having hunger issues. And it does say on the package that it might cause nausea (sp?). At least I’m doing this now than later when Frank and I are married.

Hm. I got nothin’. Tonight I’m going to go out with Frank, Anthony and Miss Laura P. I think we are playing pool and the doing something else. I wonder if Frank remembers that I suck at pool…

Tomorrow I am going to IAA to work on their newsletter (so help me, I have to get this out the door) and then to lunch with Dor. Tomorrow night we are going to see my brother play in battle of the bands.

Why My Dad is Glad He’s Not Going

My dad is glad that Frank and I are going in his place because, quite frankly, he’s not sure Andy’s band will make it through one set, much less one song. Apparently the personality conflicts in this hot up and coming boy band are enough to bring the whole gig down. The lead singer already thinks he’s a rockstar. Never mind that they practice in my uncle’s garage, far from most of humanity. This guy thinks he’s got it goin’ on. My dad says that’s what all rockers think–that’s why they can get up every time they sing and rock out. In their minds, they are Mr. or Ms. Thang.

Aside from their risen star, my brother also contends with Mr. Ego who also dukes it out with Mr. Rockstar. My cousin and my brother just watch them argue, neither helping nor hurting the situation.

Anyway, wish him luck! This could be interesting 🙂

My dad says that he’d be too nervous to stand in the audience, holding his breath, praying that by some

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