Weekend Updates:

Frank and I had a great time hanging out with Anthony and Laura–even though the conversation did wind up running aground in politics and religion. ::Sigh::

Saturday I went to IAA to get some work done on the Newsletter (Will this thing ever go away!?) and then I met up with Dorothy for a little lunch and then a little shoppy shoppy. 🙂 After that, I went home and took care of thank you notes and a few other things around the house before we saw my brother’s band play in the battle of the bands.

Can I tell you that my brother is just too cool? He has GROUPIES! These girls made their own band tee-shirts (Les Harvard is the name of the band) and screamed and jumped throughout the entire performance. I think it also helped that his band is actually very good–Frank and I loved watching them play. It’s exciting to see my brother “rocking out” on stage. I must tell you that the lead singer of his band is every bit of them “rock star” that my dad told me he was. He definitely has stage presence!

After the battle of the bands, Frank and I went to see XMen2–which I thought was great!! I wish I had Rebecca Romajn-Stamos’ body (Spelling?). Yikes!

Yesterday we went to my aunt’s house for Mother’s Day where we ate lots of yummy food. Then we went back to my house where Frank and I passed out for an hour and a half. We finished off the evening watching the movie “Singles”.

Upcoming Wedding Stuff:

This week we are interviewing the photographer, the florist and finding invitations. Crazy!!

Bye for now!

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