Knots in my tummy…

Work gives me knots in my tummy. Every time I turn around, I’m worried that I or we are somehow in trouble with someone. I feel like I can’t ever do my job right and that I always have to justify myself and the things I do. It’s just not happiness. You have to wonder–is this really for me??


I have decided that for every time I whine, I must find something happy to report. Well, I am happy to report that I didn’t eat lunch today because the knots in my tummy made me not hungry. Sigh. That was a terrible attempt.

How about this: Frank makes me happy when he calls me at work. And it’s Thursday, so I get to see him! YAY!!

But I’m still at work. Gotta bust a move so I can get out of here by 7!

Have a good night!

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