Weekend Update

Well, I saw most of X-Men on Friday night with Frank, Craig and Jamie–outstanding movie (from what I saw). Then Saturday I went to Andrea M’s bachelorette party, which was a riot. We played “Pin the Hairy Chest on Dave” which made for some good gigglin’. I think I liked that she had a fairly tame bachelorette party–very few uncomfortable moments (if any at all).

Food Marketing Institute Show

Often referred to as Dr. K’s Christmas, this month is the double whammy of the Food Marketing Institute show and the National Restaurant Association Show. Designed for grocery and restaurant buyers, the show features a variety of foods to sample. From beer and chili to chocolates and creme puffs, the entire show is really a day-long buffet. What a brilliant idea! And I have to say, it was far better than the “Taste of Chicago”–fewer people and it was indoors! Fabulous!


Tonight my mom and I are going to register for China and bed linens, etc. I think it will be fun… I am thinking about registering at Target and Marshall Fields and possibly Pottery Barn or something like that. I’m not sure yet.

I think that’s it for now…

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