TGI Frickin' F!!!

Well, this week is finally over. Tonight Frank and I are having dinner with Craig and Jamie. YAY! Tomorrow I’m finishing up the IAA newsletter, getting some things for Andrea’s bachelorette party and attending that. Sunday I’m going with Frank’s parents to visit the National Restaurant Association thing. YAY!

Wedding Update:

Frank asked his best man, Anthony M, to stand up in the wedding and he said YES! YAY! Not that I thought he would say no, but it’s just nice when it all comes together like that. Frank just has one more person left to ask before we can officially check this portion off of our checklist.

Diet Coke Update:

I had a good spell of no DC. Then today, I can’t stop. I have had like 8 pieces of bubble gum, 5 DCs (my trash can is almost FULL with the DC containers) and I had a brownie at lunch. Great. I guess I should call the bridal boutique and have them change my order pronto!


Speaking of dresses, it’s slightly depressing that bridal gowns are one size smaller than regular sizes. Just thought I’d share.

Signing off for now… ~Em Dawg

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