I saw the Lion King musical last night–it was actually excellent! I wasn’t sure if the production would come across as super cheesy, but it didn’t! The costumes are amazing and the music is awesome. I really enjoyed it!!!!

The part I didn’t like so much was the drive home in the torrential downpour at 11 p.m. That was NOT cool. Normally I love storms, but last night I was not in the mood… I was tired and all I wanted was my bed.

Which is probably why I was soooo exhausted this morning that I overslept and didn’t get to work until 10 (when I usually get here at 8:15…) Sigh… So that is why I’m STILL at work. Just trying to make up for my crazy morning.

I realize that I don’t really close out my posts. I sort of stop and post it. Also, there isn’t much of a format for things. I used to be funnier, but lately I’ve just been too busy to write anything good…


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