Someone got totally busted on the train today. After my stop, the conductor got on the loud speaker and said, “To the lady that sauntered slowly infront of the train when the lights were flashing and the gates were down, that was a foolish thing to do. Never do that again. Thank you.” For some reason this makes me feel like I am 10 years old on the bus to school.

Other than that…

Today has been pretty okay at work today. Not too much is going on. Last night I hung out with Kim and then I came home and Frank and I discussed wedding stuff with my mom. Then we watched TV. Then we watched more TV. Then Frank mercilessly tickled me until I said, in the best stern voice I have, “My patience is wearing thin.” So then he hid at the bottom of the bed with only his eyes peaking up over the edge. He looked so cute and innocent I couldn’t help but giggle and forgive him.

Tonight I am going to play with Katy S. Katy is a babelicious babe and we are going to Olive Garden where I am going to eat some salad and soup. YUM! Katy and I are going to take over the world with our orange hand and zee pink lemonade!


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