Weekend Updates!

Saturday I found THE dress. As in MY wedding gown!! I am sooo thrilled! We went to Volle’s Bridal in Lake Zurich and I tried on a couple dozen dresses. I put THE dress on and immediately felt like a princess! I’m so excited!

It’s weird how the reality of marriage comes on in spurts. When I picked out the dress, it became even more real for me. And then this weekend someone gave Frank and I coasters for our apartment with the letter K on them. In a few short months, I will have a new last name–how crazy is that!?

We also had our engagement party. I met a lot of Frank’s family and his parent’s friends. More than a few little old ladies called him “Franky”–and each time it was followed by, “Only Mrs. So-and-so can call him Franky.” Very cute!

Other than that, I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I had coffee (well, I don’t drink coffee so I had hot cocoa) with a girl from my small group on Saturday.

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