Okay, so now the date is back up in the air again. The place we went to last night had a cancellation that “uncanceled”, meaning we have to pick another date. The second date we picked, the church was booked. So now we have to figure out a way to do this… crazy! 🙂 All we want to do is get married! Is that so hard to do?? I’m sure we will find something that matches the church (which we love) with a reception hall that we also love. I just hope we find it sooner rather than later!


In response to our fast-paced wedding plans, someone asked me, “Don’t you want to have an elegant wedding? Don’t you want it done right?” And I was thinking more about that today. I think that everyone has their own pace and idea of what “done right” is. Frank and I take marriage very seriously, which is why we decided to meet with a pastor before we even got engaged so that we could make sure we were on a good track. We still meet with him to bounce ideas around and think things through and have found it to be very effective. What became clear early on is that we love eachother and that won’t change. Waiting one year or two years isn’t going to alter these feelings. We are eager to get started on this life together and so we feel that there is no need to wait any longer than necessary.

I know we have many details left to get through, but I certainly hope we don’t get tangled up in them. Who remembers the ice sculpture or the Hors D’Oeuvres? I know that I will remember everything about the ceremony and the rest will just fly by. Elegance is a quality of refined gracefulness and good taste. Regardless of budget or of timing, a wedding can be done in good taste if that is one’s intention. Elegance is not sheer numbers of guests, the name of your gown designer or size of your sweet table. Elegance is entirely determined by the couple.

So that is my response to that question. Of course I want to have an elegant and lovely wedding. But that lasts one day. It is far more important to me that Frank and I have a marriage that is strong, resilient and faithful. Everything else is just the details.

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