the unsung hero of candy

I’d long considered the Good Bar the “filler” candy in the mixed bags of miniature candies (you know, the assortment with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, krackle and Good Bar).

It’s the Good Bar.  It’s not my personal favorite (miniature Reeses Peanut Butter Cups all the way!), but I had a miniature Good Bar today.

Think about it: the peanut is America’s nut.  If you don’t like the peanut, you are probably allergic to it.  Peanuts are the perfect snack because just a small amount goes a long way!

They have protein.  Who doesn’t need more protein??

Take the peanut and coat it with the perfect proportion of smooth milk chocolate and it IS the Good Bar. MMM!

If only it came in dark chocolate – then I think it could give the miniature Reeses Peanut Butter Cup a run for its money.

And that is my third grade narrative on the Good Bar.  Thank you.

stomach whiplash

I love my nutritionist because I learn new stuff all the time when I meet with her.

For example, I told her that I generally am not hungry before lunch – unless I eat a large dinner the night before.  Which is kind of curious because you would think the opposite would happen – that I would be full from the night before – but it doesn’t.

This really intrigued my nutritionist.

You always want to be able to intrigue your nutritionist.

She told me that there has been some research that indicated that this was a more common occurance than not.  (awesome!)

She said that there is a theory that a big meal the night before stretches your stomach and your body works to fill that larger stomach space.

So yeah, there you have it!

I have to say, despite the amazing amount of food that my mom had at Thanksgiving – I didn’t go too nuts.  I was definitely full, but I didn’t have stomach whiplash today.  Small victories!

sweet potatoes?

sweet potatoes!

For anyone following me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I’ve been spending the last 16 hours making sweet potatoes and sleeping.

First I juiced a bunch of oranges:










Which resulted in a surprisingly small amount of juice:









I boiled a bunch of sweet potatoes:










Then I dumped it into the biggest bowl I own:










And then I mashed and mashed and mashed and whipped:









And this morning i scooped the sweet potatoes into the orange cups:










And decorated a few of the sweet potatoes:










And then I called mom and found out that there were only 12 people attending thanksgiving… NOT the 19 that I thought…

Does anyone need extra sweet potatoes?  Eep!

shopping fun with emily

Tonight I went to Dominick’s to pick up about 12 lbs of sweet potatoes, 20 oranges and an ovulation predictor kit.  Yeah, that’s right, an ovulation predictor kit.

Our Dominick’s hasn’t carried an OPK since August.  I’ve complained to them.  I’ve even encouraged them, “Surely this is a high margin product that takes  up relatively little shelf space.  And hey, I’m a sure thing – I will BUY the kits – promise!”

But nothing.

So tonight, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to harass a poor, awkward 16 year old boy, who was probably counting down the minutes to going home and playing Rock Band or blowing 2 hours on YouTube videos.  We’ll call him Ed.  Ed was slowly facing the toothpaste aisle.

Me: Excuse me…

Ed: Yeah?

Me: Hi, do you have any more of the Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Predictor Kits in back?

Ed: Uh… yeah, uh, let me go check in the back.

Ed trudged off to the back room to probably pace back and forth for a while, kick a few large boxes and wonder what he did today to deserve to look for women’s feminine hygiene-type products.   He might have asked a manager back there about it, but probably not.

Then Ed shuffled back down the aisle to me.

Ed: uh, yeah… no… uh … none of those back there.

To Ed, wherever you are, one day you’re going to have to hold your wife’s purse in the mall and it won’t even phase you – you know why?  Cuz I made you go look for an Ovulation Predictor Kit.  Ed, your wife will thank me later 🙂

"honoring my hunger"

or “praying: dear God, please help me find my collar bones. amen”

or “keeping my beach ball under water”

So I had a follow up appointment with the nutritionist. We are working on answering my prayer to find my collar bones, which is excellent.  But more importantly, we are working on me making better, more thoughtful food choices.

See, my old job was fun and exciting at times, but it often required me to eat many meals (sometimes 3) at my desk.  Food became my reward and the primary source of joy during my day (since seeing the sunshine was often not possible).  Oh yeah, and the dark chocolate Dove bars brought a lot of joy.  Yeah. Those were good, too.

So now that I have a job that is a little bit more reasonable in terms of time demands (although it has been a bit hairy recently), we don’t have a lot of food available to graze on, which is awesome.  The only tricky things are Monday nights when we have food catered in… sigh, but hey, you can’t win them all.

That all being said, I’m having an easier time managing what I eat.  I need to keep going to the grocery store on a regular basis and buying healthy snacks and foods.

Interesting (somewhat common sense) insights from the nutritionist:

eat breakfast – it helps boost your metabolism and prevents you from getting over-hungry and making bad decisions.

weigh yourself regularly – studies show people maintaining their weight did the best job when they were weighing themselves regularly.  It helped them keep from back-sliding.

honor your hunger – don’t let yourself get too hungry.  if you are hungry an hour before lunch, eat an apple to tide you over.  if you are hungry two hours before lunch, try eating both a carb and a fat/protein (like an apple and string cheese) to help keep you sustained to lunch.

meal mix – try to make each meal part carb, part protein and part fat keep you from getting hungry too quickly after eating.  a carb heavy meal can often lead to a sugar spike and a corresponding crash, leaving you hungry before it’s time to eat.

sleep!! – lack of sleep correlates to weight gain.  people who work overnight shifts or have inconsistent sleeping patterns are shown to gain weight dramatically.


… so speaking of that – it’s late and I need to sleep.    I did lose a little bit of weight on this new eating plan, so I’m going to keep doing it.

Oh, and the nutritionist described losing and maintaining weight like trying to hold a beach ball under water.  And I thought that was pretty accurate.  If I’m not careful, the beach ball might pop back up… which it did… so here’s to getting the darn beach ball back under water… during the holidays… yeah… awesome.

Luv Affair

Shhh. We have to keep this on the downlow. Or the lowdown. No, definitely the downlow. I’ll give you the low-down but you must keep it on the down-low. There we go. I’m trendy.

Anyway, today I fell in luv. Hardcore. I pass my new luv on my way to and from work, yet I’ve never stopped. I’ve let my eyes wander, that’s for sure, but until today, I was never tempted to follow through. That’s right, today, I caved.

And I suppose that part of this has to do with the fact that I had no other option. No one else was there to step in and say, “Look, Emily, this is dangerous ground on which you tread! Once you deviate from your tried and true path–you will never go back.” No one put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Look at what you are about to throw away. All the good times you could have… Just stop. Think. Is it worth it?”

No, no. NO one stopped me. NO one cared. Actually, my coworkers were enablers in this hideous game of luv. They went with me to Cosi where I tasted one of the best salads ever to pass through my selective lips (oh, okay, you know I’ll eat anything) . There, I ordered the Chicken Cobb salad. And it was…. wow… amazing! So much food, I could hardly finish it. I tried, but I finally had to say, “Back off Emily, c’mon.”

This kind of ravenous luv only happens once in a blue moon. Never have I fallen so hard for a food item… well, since the Skinny Cow. But that’s an entirely different category all together.

Ahh… now if only I could nap after my luv affair….

What a Weekend!

First of all, the gorgeous weather definitely has my spirits up! YAY!

Diet Coke Update

I think (hopefully) I have broken myself of my Diet Coke addiction. This morning at 8:25 a.m. I went to the Beverage Station and got WATER! Clearly I have been cleared of these demons.

Reality Check…

The Diet Coke thing is wishful thinking. I probably wasn’t in the mood because my tummy is angry at me (whatever–she’s a fickle one).

Weekend Highlights

Went to I-Life’s Entertainment Night. Frank and I did a skit.

—>I waited until the 11th hour to inform him of my thoughts on a portion of the skit that I felt should be rewritten.

—>Frank was less than pleased and said, “I am just going to start listing off my emotions in the order that I feel them…”

———————->You should know that it was said with strong feelings of frustration and mild anger–all restrained by the love he has for me (that I sometimes have to remind him of, especially at moments when I tick him off).

———————->The phrase, “Darned liberals,” was uttered in this exchange.

—>The skit went really well and the first two points were long forgotten.

Famous Dave’s

—>Don was ravenously hungry

———————->This means that he was obsessing about it from the time he picked up Brooke at home until we were seated and ordering food at Famous Dave’s. He took a brief intermission when he went to his car to get his wallet.

———————->I secretly identify with Don since all I do is think about food and diet coke all day.

—>BBQ sauce as a styling gel

———————->Based on my experience with BBQ sauce in my hair, I would have to say that it is not a good idea to use it as a styling gel.

———————————————>BBQ sauce tends to clump.

———————————————>Even when you separate out the clumps, it reclumps.

———————->A pro for BBQ sauce as a styling gel your hair would taste good. Yummy.

Well, I must be about the business of working now. I will update more later!