What a Weekend!

First of all, the gorgeous weather definitely has my spirits up! YAY!

Diet Coke Update

I think (hopefully) I have broken myself of my Diet Coke addiction. This morning at 8:25 a.m. I went to the Beverage Station and got WATER! Clearly I have been cleared of these demons.

Reality Check…

The Diet Coke thing is wishful thinking. I probably wasn’t in the mood because my tummy is angry at me (whatever–she’s a fickle one).

Weekend Highlights

Went to I-Life’s Entertainment Night. Frank and I did a skit.

—>I waited until the 11th hour to inform him of my thoughts on a portion of the skit that I felt should be rewritten.

—>Frank was less than pleased and said, “I am just going to start listing off my emotions in the order that I feel them…”

———————->You should know that it was said with strong feelings of frustration and mild anger–all restrained by the love he has for me (that I sometimes have to remind him of, especially at moments when I tick him off).

———————->The phrase, “Darned liberals,” was uttered in this exchange.

—>The skit went really well and the first two points were long forgotten.

Famous Dave’s

—>Don was ravenously hungry

———————->This means that he was obsessing about it from the time he picked up Brooke at home until we were seated and ordering food at Famous Dave’s. He took a brief intermission when he went to his car to get his wallet.

———————->I secretly identify with Don since all I do is think about food and diet coke all day.

—>BBQ sauce as a styling gel

———————->Based on my experience with BBQ sauce in my hair, I would have to say that it is not a good idea to use it as a styling gel.

———————————————>BBQ sauce tends to clump.

———————————————>Even when you separate out the clumps, it reclumps.

———————->A pro for BBQ sauce as a styling gel your hair would taste good. Yummy.

Well, I must be about the business of working now. I will update more later!



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