Luv Affair

Shhh. We have to keep this on the downlow. Or the lowdown. No, definitely the downlow. I’ll give you the low-down but you must keep it on the down-low. There we go. I’m trendy.

Anyway, today I fell in luv. Hardcore. I pass my new luv on my way to and from work, yet I’ve never stopped. I’ve let my eyes wander, that’s for sure, but until today, I was never tempted to follow through. That’s right, today, I caved.

And I suppose that part of this has to do with the fact that I had no other option. No one else was there to step in and say, “Look, Emily, this is dangerous ground on which you tread! Once you deviate from your tried and true path–you will never go back.” No one put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Look at what you are about to throw away. All the good times you could have… Just stop. Think. Is it worth it?”

No, no. NO one stopped me. NO one cared. Actually, my coworkers were enablers in this hideous game of luv. They went with me to Cosi where I tasted one of the best salads ever to pass through my selective lips (oh, okay, you know I’ll eat anything) . There, I ordered the Chicken Cobb salad. And it was…. wow… amazing! So much food, I could hardly finish it. I tried, but I finally had to say, “Back off Emily, c’mon.”

This kind of ravenous luv only happens once in a blue moon. Never have I fallen so hard for a food item… well, since the Skinny Cow. But that’s an entirely different category all together.

Ahh… now if only I could nap after my luv affair….

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