nine. freaking. months.

Yeah, I’m going to forego my traditional blah blah blah update about the twins.  The girls have officially been alive outside of me longer than inside of me.  Well, I could’ve made that statement at 8 months, but I missed my opportunity, so I’m saying it now.

The girls are MOBILE.  Weighing in at approximately 20 lbs and measuring 29″ each, these girls are crawling fiends. Well, Carrie is a crawling fiend.  Ellie crawls when she feels there is something that necessitates purposeful movement. There are very few things, in Ellie’s mind, that necessitate that much effort. Carrie can spot something she knows she shouldn’t have from 10 feet away and in three seconds, Carrie has that item in her mouth. Both girls looooove our cell phones.  Carrie has crawled over my FACE to get to my cell phone.  I thought, for just a moment, that she was going to give me kisses or hugs, but no.

She wanted to get to my cell phone, no matter the obstacle in front her.  No matter if it was my head.

The girls are also quite vocal these days. They say “Da da da da”, which is to be expected, but to my delight, they also say “Ma ma ma ma.” I’m sure they have no idea what they are saying, but I don’t care. It is music to my ears!

When Carrie is tired, she whines and sticks two fingers in her mouth.  When Ellie is tired, she also whines and rubs her eyes.  Both girls go to sleep within ten minutes of being put down for bed and usually sleep for 10-12 hours at a time.  We are truly spoiled parents!

Mostly because they are babies, and partly because they are girls, the twins are equally enthralled by my jewelry.  They reach for necklaces, dangling earrings and bracelets with greedy intent. I love watching them play with toys, alternating from loving investigation to “I’m going to eat your face off!” nom-nom-nomming.

This month, the girls started feeding themselves Puffs.  They love all puffs equally, pinching them with two fingers and jamming them as far into their mouths as possible.  Unfortunately for us parents, puffs when moistened turn the consistency of mucus.  Then they harden like glue to their hair, face, clothes, high chair, etc. ICK!  We also let the girls sample their first limes. While Carrie was fairly non-plussed at the introduction of the tart fruit, Ellie loved it. Grimacing and smiling, she stuck the lime in her mouth, pulled it out to examine it and then stuffed it back in again. I think I know who is going to enjoy Sour Patch Kids in a few years!

Knowing that the girls are just a few months from toddling, it is hard to believe that we are most of the way through the infant months. Everyone says that the time as parents flies by, and I don’t want to be cliche, but man – it does go fast! The milestones start piling up on each other faster than you can even believe.  It seemed like it would be years before they would start smiling intentionally and socially – and now – that is old news! It reminds me to truly enjoy every single moment because it goes in an instant!

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