I turn thirty-one on November 16. Tomorrow.  Or today.  

I don’t mind getting older. I guess it’s just a hazard of aging, right? I mean, eventually, if you live long enough, you’ll get old.

And your feet will hurt in the morning.

And your hair will turn gray (and/or fall out…)

And you will get wrinkles from all the smiling and laughing.

These are all badges of honor, I tell you.

Happy birthday to me.

One thought on “thirty-one.

  1. hello there, age is something that one has no control on…one can change one’s diet, exercise, but past that there is little more one can do (I’m counting out going under the knife). What best can a person do but take this positively? An optimistic and nice post I must say

    Having said that, I would like to tell you that I’m personally scared of getting old! I’m thirty and I can see all the things that I wont be able to do when I’m older. I wont be able to run as often or as much in the morning, I wont be able to stand upright (I would be having a hunch…), I would be having tough time using the bathroom (ironically, this scares the sh** out of me right now), I wouldn’t be able to flirt as much (I wouldn’t want to be that creepy old man! nope)…I wouldn’t be able to eat or digest all the great things I would want to and lastly I wouldn’t be able to play video games as much or as long…well I will stop my list here…I hope all the good things that some old people talk about happens to everyone! I am not ready to call life a bitch yet…thanks for reading my comment

    and happy birthday… 🙂


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